Useful Documents

Erasmus Faydalı Dokümanlar

Erasmus Student Mobility Forms

Learning Agreement  
Petition for Extension of Study Period  
Petition for Shortening of Study Period  
Cancellation Form   
Confirmation of Participation  
Handbook for European Outgoing Students   
Handbook for International Outgoing Students  

Erasmus Internship Mobility Forms

Learning Agreement for Internship  
Confirmation of Participation  
Final Report  
Letter of Acceptance (Letter of Acceptance sample. For visa applications, you must obtain a signed and stamped letter of acceptance containing the information on the sample document printed on the letterhead of the institution.)  
Petition for Extension of Internship  
Petition for Shortening of Internship  
Application form for incoming students  

Applicants must enter the ERASMUS FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEST or prove their foreign language proficiency with a document.