Erasmus+ Outgoing Exchange Student

Erasmus Student Internship Mobility is an internship program to which all university students can apply in order to gain vocational training and/or work experience within an enterprise or organization in a European Union member country which is a part of the European Union Education and Youth Programs.

Istanbul Kültür University, one of the first universities to hold the 2004 Erasmus Charter, is also eligible to receive the Extended University Charter, which is required to participate in the Erasmus+ Program in the 2014 - 2020 term. Moreover, it is one of the first universities that started the Erasmus Student Internship Mobility (Placement), which is a new field of activity in universities in the European Union and Turkey.

Who is eligible?

  • Vocational high school students
  • Students attending undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs

The International Relations Office informs all university members and students through posters and on its website in accordance with the Erasmus Program's application and reporting dates announced by the National Agency.

Which Host Organizations are Accepted?

Placement can be carried out by the following organizations:

  • Enterprises
  • Training Centers
  • Research Centers
  • Other Institutions

However, diplomatic representative agencies, European Union institutions and organizations conducting Community programs cannot host this activity.

Regarding the Erasmus Internship Mobility Program in the 2018/2019 Academic year:

Deadline to submit Admission Letter for students with GPA: 2.20 (Min.) Foreign Language Grade: 40 (Min.) Erasmus Grade: 50 is Feb 04, 2019


1. Grade Point Average:

  • For Associate and Undergraduate students: min 2.20/4.00 (58/100)
  • For Masters and Ph.D. students: min. 2.50/4.00 (65/100)

The equivalents of grades in the 100 Grading System are taken from the YÖK Grade Point Average Transformation Table.

2. In order to be able to apply for an Erasmus Student Internship activity, students are expected to find their internship institution and get their internships approved.
3. Students who are registered to our university during the internship application process can do an internship after graduation if they apply for internship mobility. These students must complete their internship abroad within a year after graduation.
4. The internship subject and duties should be related to the student's current field of education. All department students have the right to benefit from Erasmus Internship, regardless of the requirement for internship.

In terms of the agreements to be signed, a bilateral agreement is not necessary between the sending higher education institution and the host institution in student placement. Individual student placement agreements that involve all parties will be binding.

Students can apply for student and internship mobility programs for a total of 12 months in the undergraduate-graduate-doctorate programs with or without grant as of the 2014-2015 academic year.

Application Documents

Applications are planned to be received via the SAP system. Procedures for application will be announced at a later date.

All candidate students who wish to benefit from the Erasmus Student Internship Mobility Activity should request a Letter of Intent/Invitation from the institution in which they will do their internship and their Department’s Erasmus Coordinators and begin to prepare a Work Schedule.

Note: To complete the application process, students must complete the re-registration process via the SAP - Orion system.


Student Mobility Processes:



1. Do research about the country and institution you will go to.

  • Get the contact information of your internship advisor.
  • Please look for accommodation facilities and find out if the company can find accommodation for you via your internship advisor.

2. Prepare your passport.

  • In order to avoid paying a fee while taking a passport, you need to obtain a certificate from the Registrar's Office.
  • Ask the consulate of the country that you will apply to for a visa which passport validity you should have and be sure to indicate how long you need a passport in your application.

3. Find out which documents are required for the Student Visa application on the web page of the Embassy/Consulate of the country in Istanbul you will go to, and start to prepare your documents.

  • Obtain your Erasmus Student Certificate that will assist you with your visa procedures.
  • Keep track of your admission letter that will come from the institution you will go to.
  • Please make sure that the insurance covers health, accidents, and liabilities.

4. You need to open a € account at İşbank’s Istanbul Kültür University Branch.

  • Please give power of attorney to a relative and/or open a joint account so that he/she can carry out your registration and banking transactions while you are abroad. 
  • Using internet banking may be convenient for you but make sure you do not have problems using internet banking before you go.
  • Do not forget to send a copy of your € bankbook to the International Relations Office.

5. Keep track of the Orientation Program announced by IKU Erasmus Institutional Coordinatorship.
6. Click to see the Erasmus Student Charter, which is the document that shows your rights and responsibilities as an Erasmus student.
7. The Training Agreement and Quality Commitment must be prepared together with the Erasmus Coordinator and must be approved by the Erasmus Coordinator. Do not forget to send your Training Agreement and Quality Commitment to the International Relations Office to be signed by your Internship Advisor and Erasmus Institutional Coordinator at the institution you will be attending.
8. You are recommended to save a copy of all the documents you use in your applications.
9. To complete the application process, students must complete the re-registration process via the SAP - Orion system.


1. Confirmation of Participation: It must be approved by the Erasmus Institution Coordinatorship of your partner university at the end of your study period.

2. Transcript of Records: It can be received from the partner university on your return or it can be mailed to you when it is prepared. In addition, if you have attended a seminar/conference/workshop for which you have been entitled to get ECTS (European Credit and Transfer System), you will also need to bring its certificate. You must submit a copy of the transcript to the Department’s Erasmus Coordinator in order to complete your grade transfer process.


The documents/procedures that should be completed when you return are as follows:

 1. Learning Agreement - After Mobility: It is signed by the institution in which you did your internship at the end of the internship period. Internship dates should be specified and the sections should be filled out in detail.

2. Confirmation of Participation: A document confirming the period during which students did an internship in the institution. It must be signed and stamped by the internship advisor.

3. Participant Report Form: When you return, a link will be sent to you to fill in an online report after you have handed in all your documents. You need to fill out this report online.

4. OLS Exam: The exam, which is taken after your return and is the same exam you take before mobility, should be taken by logging into the system with the username and password previously provided.

*All documents must be submitted to the European and International Relations Office until the date to be announced. Otherwise, 20% of the grant payments will not be made to students. The grants of students who deliver missing documents may be reduced.

*Erasmus+ Internship Mobility, which lasts less than 2 months, will not be awarded a grant under any condition!!! (Except for exceptional cases specified by the National Agency)

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