Erasmus+ KA103 Mobility (Europe)

The International Relations Office informs all university members and students through posters and on its website in accordance with the Erasmus Program's application and reporting dates announced by the National Agency.

The IRO informs all university members and students through posters and on its website in accordance with the Erasmus Program's application and reporting dates announced by the National Agency.

2017/2018 Academic Year Program for Erasmus Student Mobility  

Application Prerequisites

The Turkish National Agency determines the annual national priorities and criteria required to be eligible for selection as Erasmus students.
Students who wish to study one or two semesters at one of our partner universities abroad through the Erasmus Program must fulfill the following requirements:
  1.  The student must be a full-time student enrolled in a program of a HEI, in any education degree (freshman, sophomore or junior)
  2. a-) The grade point average (GPA) of undergraduate students must be at least 2.20/4.00

b-) The cumulative grade point average of Master and Ph.D. students must be at least 2.50/4.00

  1. 30 ECTS credits must be completed for student mobility
  2. If the student has already benefited from the mobility activities in the current education level, the total duration should not exceed 12 months with the new activity
  3. Having a disciplinary penalty or retaking a failed course does not prevent students from benefiting from the Erasmus program.
Application Documents

Applications are planned to be received via the SAP system. Procedures for application will be announced at a later date.
Partner university preferences will be specified on the application form. Partner universities should be selected in accordance with their medium of instruction and course coherence. During the application phase and partner university selection, the student should consult the Department’s Erasmus coordinator.

Selection Criteria
**English Proficiency Exam: February 23, 2018

- Applicants must either take the ERASMUS FOREIGN LANGUAGE EXAM or prove their foreign language proficiency with a document. The foreign language knowledge of candidates should be the same as the medium of instruction of the partner university. 

The Foreign Language Passing Grade is 50 out of 100.

  • Erasmus grades will be calculated for students who fulfill the criteria and pass the language exam.
  • Erasmus Grade: Grade Point Average/2 + Foreign Language Exam/2

Students with a disability (with documentation of your disability) +10 points

Children of Martyrs and War Veterans +10 points

Prior mobility experience (with or without grant): -10 points

Mobility participation in a country from which the student has citizenship: -10 points

  • For students who were elected in a previous election period but did not participate in the mobility without a compelling reason, 10 points will be subtracted from their Erasmus grades for each mobility that is not carried out.
  • In the case that study and internship mobility selections are carried out within the same application and evaluation process by the HEI, and in the case that the student who applies both to the study and internship mobility at the same time is selected for both activities, it is left to the student to choose for which mobility 10 points will be subtracted. In this case, the student needs to submit a petition as to which activity he/she prefers to implement the subtraction.
  • The success rating of the students is made within the relevant department/faculty according to the quotas allocated to the departments or faculties.
Announcement of Results
  • The IRO announces the list of students who are eligible to participate in the program by announcing their Erasmus grades.
  • The International Relations Office determines and announces partner university placements of students on a space-availability basis with Erasmus Coordinators based on partner university preferences stated in the application form and partner university quotas.
According to the placement results, students apply to their partner universities.
Not: To complete the application process, students must complete the re-registration process via the SAP - Orion system.


Student Mobility Processes:


What to do before the mobility:

1.    Please keep track of all e-mails sent by the International Relations Office and announcements posted on the website.
2.    Participate in the Orientation Program announced by the International Relations Unit.
3.    Do research about the country, university, and department you will go to.
a.    Read the information package carefully and review the website of your university.

  • Carefully review the application deadlines, course schedules, academic calendars, and any necessary documents that your partner university requests from Erasmus students. Students are responsible for delivering the relevant application documents to the partner university in time.
  • Complete the application documents of the partner university you will go to and send them in the requested manner (mail, fax, scan) on time. You must submit a copy of the admission letter to the International Relations Office after completing the application process.
  • Obtain the contact information of the Erasmus Institutional Coordinatorship and the Department’s Erasmus Coordinator of your partner university. Please check accommodation availability during your stay in the country, and if you will stay in the dormitory, please fill out and send the Dormitory Application Form in time, if there is any.

4.    Prepare your passport.

  • In order to avoid paying a fee while getting your passport, you must obtain a student certificate from the Registrar's Office (you will need to pay the passport book fee in any case).
  • Ask the consulate which passport validity you should have and be sure to indicate how long you need a passport in your application.
  • Contact the Istanbul Embassy/Consulate of the country you will go to and find out which documents are required for your student visa application and start to prepare documents. a. Obtain your Erasmus Student Certificate (visa/grant letter) to help you with your visa procedures at the IKU International Relations Office. The relevant document will indicate your period of study abroad and the grant amount you will receive.

6.    The documents and procedures should be completed for the Grant Contract which will be prepared by the International Relations Office and signed mutually.

  • The OLS exam must be taken. The OLS (Online Linguistic Support) is an application developed by the European Commission with the aim of supporting students in their foreign language studies and assessing their development. According to this application, students who will study abroad as part of the Erasmus Program have to take the online language exam before and after the mobility. To enter the exam, your information will be entered into our system by our Office, and a link will be sent to you.
  • You need to open a € account at İşbank’ Istanbul Kültür University Branch and send a copy of your bankbook to the International Relations Office. - You may give power of attorney to a relative and/or open a joint account so that he/she can carry out your registration and banking transactions while you are abroad. - Using internet banking may be convenient for you but make sure you do not have problems using internet banking before you go.
  • The Learning Agreement must be prepared and approved by the Department’s Erasmus Coordinator. Afterwards, the Learning Agreement must be approved by the IKU Erasmus Institutional Coordinator and the partner university and submitted to the International Relations Office.
  • Health Insurance must be taken out and its copy must be submitted to our Office. - Students with General Health Insurance (SSI) can complete insurance procedures with a document they will receive from SSI if they are studying in partner countries. Information should be obtained from SSI for partner countries. - Students who need private health insurance must take out Educational Purpose (Student) Travel Health insurance. - Partner universities may request Health Insurance in different scopes. If the required insurance covers the required assurances, it can be used for the grant contract.
  • Admission Letters (scan, copies or original documents) sent by the partner university must be delivered to our Office.
  • Academic calendars sent by the partner university must be submitted to our Office.

7.   Please click for the Erasmus Student Charter which is the document of rights and responsibilities you have as an Erasmus student
8.   Please make sure that all procedures related to your enrollment at IKU are completed by the Registrar's Office. Students cannot freeze registration for the period they will study abroad. Registration and tuition fees are paid to the institutions where the students are enrolled in and no registration or tuition fees are paid to the institution they will go to.
9.   You are recommended to save a copy of all the documents you use in your application and keep them with you in the country you are going to visit.

Grant payments:

Monthly Erasmus grants are determined by the National Agency according to national priorities and criteria prior to the start of the academic year.
Grant amounts shown in the table below were determined to be given based on living standards and price level indexes of 28 EU member countries.

Grant (€)
Group 1 Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom 500
Group 2 Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Southern Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey 400
Group 3 Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Macedonia 300

Students are paid grants in 2 installments. The first installment is 80% of the total payment. The payment of the second installment is made after the mobility on condition that the student completes the necessary documents and procedures and depending on academic achievement condition (being successful in at least 2/3 of the credits received). The second installment payment of students who fail to meet the necessary conditions is reduced.

Students may only receive grants during their period of Erasmus study abroad. If the student stays shorter than the planned exchange period, the grant can only be paid for the term spent abroad.

If it is determined that your departure from the country of the Partner University for a period of more than 7 days is adversely affecting your education, the grant will be terminated in proportion to the number of days you have spent abroad.

Note: To complete the application process, students must complete the re-registration process via the SAP - Orion system.



The documents you need to complete during your stay in partner universities: 

  1. Learning Agreement: If you need to change any of the courses approved by the Department’s Erasmus Coordinator and the Erasmus Institution Coordinator before you leave, you must first consult the Department’s Erasmus Coordinator and then the "during mobility" page (add/drop) on the 2nd page of the Learning Agreement and get it approved by the authorities of the university you are visiting. Please send the approved document to IKU to be signed.
  2. Confirmation of Participation: It must be approved by the Erasmus Institution Coordinator of your partner university at the end of your study period.
  3. Transcript of Records: It can be received from the partner university on your return or it can be mailed to you when it is prepared. In addition, if you have attended a seminar/conference/workshop for which you have been entitled to obtain ECTS (European Credit and Transfer System), you will also need to bring its certificate. You must submit a copy of the transcript to the Department’s Erasmus Coordinator in order to complete your grade transfer process.


  1. The documents/procedures that should be completed when you return are as follows:
  2. Learning Agreement-After Mobility (3rd Part): It should be prepared after the transcript is prepared by the partner university at the end of the semester. Courses and grades listed on the partner university transcript should be written on the first table and 
  3. The IKU Equivalents of these courses and grades should be written on the second table.
  4. Participant Report Form: When you return, a link will be sent to you to fill in an online report after you have handed in all your documents. You need to fill out this report online.
  5. OLS return exam: The exam, which is taken after your return and is the same exam you take before mobility, should be taken by logging into the system with the username and password previously provided. All documents must be submitted to the International Relations Office until the date to be announced. Otherwise, 20% of the grant payments will not be given to students. Grants of students who deliver missing documents may be reduced.

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