Erasmus Notes and Ranking

The 2019-2020 European Internship Consortium has been informed about the results of the English Language Proficiency Exam held in 5th of December 2018.
After this process, 50% of your Language Points and 50% of your GPA were calculated and a list was made according to the success rate. Please click here to access ERASMUS NOTES. This list will not be the final list. The final list will be rerganized after the Letter of Acceptance. 
NOT 1 :
After you have received your Acceptance Letter Document with sign and stamp, please inform your Erasmus Office and us untill the deadline  9th of February 2019. For this reason, your CVs will be communicated to the companies we are communicating but you are not guaranteed a placement, you should definitely do your research and get your Acceptance Letters quickly. Internship Mobility should not be based on the company. You can send an e-mail to the Erasmus Coordinators to the universities we are partnered with at 
NOT 2 : You can download the letter of acceptance and other required documents from the in usefull documents from website.
NOT 3:
If you want to share your CV and personal information with the companies we are communicating with them, you must send an e-mail to as “I would like to share my CV and personal informations with the companies. The CVs of our students who do not forward this e-mail will not be shared with the companies.