Erasmus Internship Mobility for the Project term 2019-2020

Dear Students who will participate in Erasmus Internship Mobility for the Project term 2019-2020,

With the announcement made on April 16, 2020, students applying for Internship Mobility were ranked according to their Erasmus scores and it was announced that the first 23 students will be allocated a grant for 2 months.

Internship Mobility Erasmus + Score Results  

In the same announcement, it is stated that students who find suitable places to do internship and who will bring a letter of acceptance to our Unit until the date to be announced due to the pandemic situation we are in, will be entitled to perform the internship mobility.

Students who find an internship until 30 December 2020 and who have received an acceptance certificate from the relevant companies or institutions will be entitled to do an Erasmus internship according to their Erasmus score and 23 students will be able to carry out their activities as being granted. You can access sample and printed forms from the useful documents section on our unit page.
You can reach us via e-mail ( or whatsapp number (0530 9700799) and you can direct your questions within work hours in weekdays.

Hope to meet you on healthy days,
International Relations Office