Click here here to access the 2024 Project Period Erasmus+ KA131 Study Mobility Grant Results.

  • To enable the maximum number of our students to benefit from the grant allocated to our university, the participating students will be funded for a maximum of 4 months.
  • Students who wish to withdraw must submit their withdrawal petitions to the International Relations Office by 12.07.2024 at the latest. Students who withdraw after 12.07.2024 will have 10 points deducted from their next Erasmus application. Students who do not withdraw by this date and do not wish to participate in the mobility will not be able to renew their registration or select courses for the new term.


(!) Participants who need a grant/confirmation letter for visa procedures must request it via email from the International Relations Office with the Acceptance Letter obtained from the partner university.


  • Students who have obtained their visas must upload their departure documents in PDF format to the "Documents" section on exchangeprogram.iku.edu.tr and click here to make an appointment with the International Relations Office to sign the grant agreement before starting their mobility. The Departure Documents are as follows:

            (i) Acceptance Letter
           (ii) Learning Agreement (Before Mobility)
                All signatures on the Learning Agreement must be completed.
           (iii) Travel Health Insurance
           (iv) Passport Copy
           (v) Visa Copy
          (vi) Photocopy of Yapı KrediBankası Euro Account Book

NOTE: Participants who carry out their mobility without signing the grant agreement will not have their mobility considered under Erasmus.
Participants who are entitled to benefit from the mobility without a grant must also sign the Grant Agreement.

  • Grant payments are made in two installments. 80% of the estimated total amount is paid within a maximum of 30 days after signing the Grant Agreement before the activity. The total amount due after the activity is recalculated considering the participation certificate, and the difference between the first payment and the total due is paid as the second installment.

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