Dear Students,

CLICK HERE for 2022 Project Term Erasmus+ KA131 Study Mobility Non-Final Placement Results!

  • Placement results can be changed according to the quotas of partner universities and rankings within faculty.
  • Students who want to withdraw must submit their petition to the International Office until 01.04.2022.Students who do not submit their petitions, -10 points will be deducted in the next application. Students who want to use their right to withdraw after the results of the grant will be given time.
  • Grants will be distributed according to the performance of each faculty in the last 3 years.
  • Not every student placed will be awarded a grant.
  • The final placement results will be determined after the Turkish National Agency announces the university grant results.
  • The grant list will not be announced until the grant agreement is signed between our university and the Turkish National Agency and the total grant is credit into our university's bank account.
  • Within the framework of the article from Higher Education, a visa/grant letter which is facilitating the receipt of a visa will not be issued before announcing the final placement and grant results.
  •  An orientation program will be organized for Study Mobility in the April. Details of the program will be sent to your e-mail addresses.

International Office