Dear Students,

Please click to see the Erasmus English Exam results of the students who have applied to Erasmus + Study and Internship Mobility programs.

The exam objection period is 3 working days from the date of announcement of the exam results. In case of objections to the exam results, students are required to personally go to the office of the Department of Foreign Languages at Şirinevler Campus YDB 706 and fill out an objection petition.

  • Minimum language score required to become an Erasmus+ Study Mobility student: 60
  • Minimum language score required to become an Erasmus+ Internship Mobility student: 50

In the next step;

1.    On 8 March 2022, students with a minimum Erasmus and / or IKU World grade will be ranked sequentially according to their grades ((GPA + Language exam result) / 2) for each program applied and the results will be announced in the news section of uib.iku.edu.tr.
2.     Erasmus + students who have applied to study at partner Universities in Europe and attended the language exam and had a minimum Erasmus grade will be forwarded to the faculty/department coordinators with their preferences, and the placements will be made by the coordinators until 15 March 2022. The results of the placements will be announced by International Office later on.
3.    According to the placement results, nominations for the relevant partner Universities will be made by International Office.
4.    An orientation program regarding the processes after nomination will be held in April 2022.
5.      Students who have applied for Erasmus+ Internship Mobility, taken the language exam and had a minimum Erasmus grade are required to submit their acceptance letters to our Department by 15.04.2022. (Internship mobility can start by 01.09.2022 at earliest)