2018-2019 European Internship Consortium, applications for Erasmus Internship Mobilities

Within the scope of the 2018-2019 European Internship Consortium, applications for Erasmus Internship Mobilities were opened. The deadline for completing mobility is 31 May 2020.

The minimum period for Erasmus Internship Mobility is 2 months and students have the right to benefit from Erasmus Student Mobility for 12 months during their undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies. You can register your applications via http://www.euro-intern.org/ and submit your application.

Deadline for Application: 01/11/2018
Application Stages:

Stage 1: Submission of Application Documents:

The application will be carried out in two stages and the deadline for submission of the application forms is 01/11/2018. Application forms should be communicated to the Consortium Institution Representatives. Detailed information about the application forms is available under the title of Application Documents.

Stage 2: Submission of the Certificate of Acceptance: 8 February 2019

In the first stage, the students who successfully fulfill the application criteria, the foreign language requirement and the Erasmus grade criterion must submit a certificate of acceptance from the institution to which they will be intern until 8 February 2018 on Friday.

The students who pass the second phase successfully  about the support provided by the Consortium in the placement phase will be informed.
Students who have not submitted the letter of acceptance even though they are entitled to the placement will be entitled to be placed on 8th February 2019 as they will not be considered to have completed their applications.

Click for Certificate of Acceptance.

Application Criteria:

The suitable of applications is checked by the minimum average grade criterion determined by the National Agency.
• Associate Degree: 2.20 / 4.00
• Graduate: 2,50 / 4,00

Students who succeed minimum application requirements must fulfill the requirements of Foreign Language and Erasmus Grade of Higher Education Institution which they are registered in order to successfully complete Stage 1.

• Participation in Erasmus + Program at the same educational level: 10 points for each previous entry
• Disadvantaged students (if the doctor presents the medical report with the application form): +10 points
• In case of mobility in the country of origin: -10 points

Application Documents:

Students must submit their application documents to the consortium representative of the University where they are registered. (Click for representatives of the Consortium.)

1. Application Form (Application form must be filled out online and signed. Please click for application form.)
2. CV in Europass format (Upload to online form) (Click for Europass format)
3. Transcript * (Student Affairs Directorate, must be approved)
4. Picture 1

* When filling out the application form, the electronic version of the other application documents should be uploaded to the application page of  eurointern.org 
Applications will be evaluated on Erasmus Grade.
• Erasmus Grade: 50% GNO + 50% FOREIGN LANGUAGE
Students who have previously attended Erasmus Education and / or Internship Mobility will have 10 points deduction from Erasmus Grade.
Erasmus Grade
Click here for the conditions of foreign language assessment of universities & contact the Consortium Institution Representative;

1. İstanbul Kültür University
2. İstanbul Şehir University
3. Kadir Has University
4. Üsküdar University
5. Sabancı University

- Graduated students may also benefit from mobility if they apply before graduation. However, the internship right must be completed within 12 months of graduation.