Student Life at IKU

1.    Registration Freeze and Disenrollment
There are preset time intervals for registration freeze. Registration freeze operations may not be carried out at other time periods. You may find the dates on our university's academic calendar.
2.    Disenrollment Process;

  • Take the disenrollment form from the registrar's office and fill it out 
  • Collect the signatures from the necessary places stated on the form
  • Write a petition to financial affairs
  • Turn in student card

The disenrollment process takes 15 days; therefore, our students cannot leave the school and take their original documents with them earlier than 15 days.
In both disenrollment and freeze, the student's residence permit is canceled.

3.    Changing Majors
The same processes with disenrollment are followed for changing majors, and the student must apply to the registrar's office for a new major. As disenrollment from the current major takes 15 days, the student should make his/her decision and apply ahead of time. Discounts that students have are canceled in case of a change in major. Students may change their major only once. The condition is that students should finish at least two semesters.

4.    Double Major
Students may graduate from two different departments and have two diplomas by completing a double major in any department other than the department they are currently enrolled in.
See the Frequently Asked Questions section for detailed information.

5.    Internationalization

You will have the opportunity to study abroad, do an internship and take courses from leading instructors abroad within the scope of 210 Erasmus agreements with 113 universities in 24 European countries.
The European countries with Erasmus bilateral agreements are Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Croatia, Netherlands, France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Slovakia, and Greece.

Our Erasmus Bilateral Agreements

We offer IKU students the opportunity to study abroad for one or two semesters in exchange programs through our bilateral agreements with universities in different countries located in five continents, including America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Our International Agreements


6.    Course Selection

  • Students are required to complete their final registration.
  • If they have not received a message, they should go to the Department of Information Systems and Technologies with their student number and obtain a username and password.
  • They should select their courses online on the Sap Orion system using this username and password.
  • Finally, they should go to their advisors and have these courses approved.

7.    Course Load, Elective/Required/Prerequisite Courses

  • The number of courses that must be taken in order to graduate, the required and elective courses, internships and similar studies are different for each department or program.
  • Prerequisite Courses are the courses that must be successfully completed prior to registration in the course for which it is required. In order to be able to take certain courses, you should successfully complete the prerequisite course.
  • The ECTS values of the courses that students are required to take for each semester are pre-determined. You may take more or fewer courses with your academic advisor's approval, depending on your Semester GPA and overall GPA.
  • For each course students are enrolled in, one of the following letter grades and/or one of the symbols is given by the course instructor:
A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- F
4.0 3.7 3.3 3.0 2.7 2.3 2.0 1.7 1.3 1.0 0.7 0.0
G: Did not take the final exam  P: The course continues
R:Repeat   E: Semester studies incomplete
T: Transfer V:Withdrew from course

A student who receives an A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C is deemed successful. (3) A student who receives a C-, D+, D, D- is considered to have received a conditional pass. The student is considered unsuccessful if he/she has to repeat the semester in which these grades were received. (4) A student who receives an F in any course is deemed unsuccessful.

Amfide ders dinleyen öğrenciler

8.    Repeating the semester
At the end of the academic year, students whose GPAs are lower than 2.00 and students whose Semester GPA is lower than 2.00 for two consecutive semesters will have to repeat the semester. These students are required to repeat the courses with grades below C in the previous two semesters the first semester they are available. They cannot drop or withdraw from these courses. Provisions regarding the minimum course load apply to students in this situation. The maximum course load these students can take in a semester is the course load stated in the course schedule of that semester. (7) Students who repeat a semester and who have a Semester GPA or GPA of 2.00 or higher in all courses they receive in the semester they repeat are no longer considered in semester repeating status. (8) At the beginning of each academic year, the semester repeating status is determined based on the grades received at the end of the summer term.

9.    Graduation Requirements

Students with a GPA of 2.00 or higher who fulfill all the requirements of their associate degree and undergraduate programs are entitled to receive an associate degree or bachelor's degree.

10.    Summer School
Students may apply for summer school if they are unsuccessful in the Fall and Spring semesters or if they wish to raise their grades. This also applies to taking the courses of the next academic year (taking overload courses). Students may learn the required conditions from the Registrar's Office. The fee is based on credit calculation.

11.    Attendance in Courses and Workshops
At T.R. Istanbul Kültür University, it is mandatory to attend courses, labs and workshops, and to take all exams and other studies that instructors deem appropriate in the semester.

12.    Right of Objection and Objection Period

  • At the end of each semester, the course grades are announced within the specified time.
  • Students who wish to find out whether there is an evaluation error in their grades may file a written application within 2 workdays to the Registrar's Office within the period specified in the academic calendar.

13.    Add/Drop/Withdrawal

  • If necessary, students may drop certain courses that they have enrolled in for that semester with the approval of their advisors, take new ones in their place, or they can only withdraw from one course to take it in a later semester.
  • Conditions for add, drop, and withdrawal can be found in the IKU Associate and Undergraduate Education Regulations, and the relevant dates are specified in the academic calendar.

14.    Make-up Exam
Students who fail a course or who receive a conditional pass can take the make-up exam. The highest grade achieved at the end of the semester is the final grade.

15.    English Preparatory Class
There is an 84% attendance requirement in the English preparatory class. If the limit of absences is exceeded, the student cannot take the exam.

16.    Course Substitution
Students who wish to continue their education at our university after studying at another university must submit their original transcript and course content to the registrar's office through a written petition after registration. They become exempt from the courses with the assessment and decision to be made by the department. However, students who wish to learn about their exemption status before registering may obtain an informal opinion about the exemption by sending their course content and transcripts copies to us or their department. A Recognition Letter is also required during application.

17.    Infraction of the Rules and Disciplinary Actions

  • A disciplinary proceeding is initiated against students charged with disciplinary infraction.
  • At the end of the disciplinary proceeding, a decision is made and the student receives a disciplinary punishment such as a warning, suspension or reprimand.
  • Cheating or helping somebody cheat on an exam and damaging common areas are among disciplinary infractions. The relevant instructions may be found in the Student Discipline Regulation.


Student Discipline Regulation