Full Time Students

1. How can I apply?

As an international student, you can apply to our University by scanning the necessary documents and sending them to our e-mail address yob@iku.edu.tr and specifying the program and department you wish to study at.

Documents Required for Application

Undergraduate: A high school diploma, transcript, passport, residence permit (if applicable), blue card (if applicable), language proficiency certificate (if applicable), exam results certificate (if applicable)

Post Graduate: A bachelor’s diploma, transcript, passport, residence permit (if applicable), blue card (if applicable), reference letter, language proficiency certificate (if applicable), exam result certificate (if applicable)


  • A postgraduate diploma (if the document is not English, its Turkish translation by a certified translator will be required during registration)
  • A postgraduate transcript (if the document is not English, its Turkish translation will be required during registration)
  • A passport (Turkish translation will be required during registration)
  • A reference letter (if requested by the department)
  • A language proficiency certificate (one of the language qualifications that YÖK has determined for a language other than the applicant's own mother tongue;

Equivalence Table

(A TOEFL IBT score of 66 which equals to a minimum YDS score of 55 or any other language proficiency certificate for the languages stated on table provided in the link above.)

  • A recognition certificate (It is the certificate of recognition that shows the university of postgraduate study is recognized by YÖK; the Rector's Office of the University may request the mentioned document.)
  • A Turkish Proficiency Certificate (if applicable)


2.What are the language proficiency requirements for undergraduate programs?

Language proficiency conditions for English medium programs required from international students applying to Istanbul Kültür University’s undergraduate programs are as follows:


English Proficiency Exam



Students of English Language and Literature, 
English Language Education (English Teaching) Program
80 75 570 90 B 70 54
TOEFL IBT 60 55 510 66 C 60 44

3. What are the language proficiency requirements for graduate programs?

Candidates applying for Istanbul Kültür University’s Ph.D. programs are required to get at least 66 points on the TOEFL IBT and at least 55 points on the YDS.

A minimum of 70 points on the language proficiency examinations by the Foreign Language Department of the University is required in English postgraduate programs.


4. Can I get information about internal transfer and course substitution?

Students who wish to continue their education at our university after studying at another university must submit their original transcript and course content to the registrar's office by writing a petition after registering. They become exempt from the courses based on the assessment and decision to be made by the department. However, students who wish to learn about their exemption status before registering may obtain an informal opinion about the exemption by sending their course content and transcripts copies to us or their department.

The university recognition letter is required for the course substitution application. You may contact the International Relations Office for a Recognition Letter.

5.Do you offer accommodation?

Istanbul Kültür University Student Dormitories

Istanbul Kültür University’s Student Dormitories aim to create an environment that enables students to be successful by studying and living in a clean, comfortable, safe and civilized environment. Social and cultural activities organized in the dormitories also contribute to this success.

Dormitory for girls

Our girls' dormitory has a capacity of 212 people and rooms for 2-3-4 people are available. The rooms have a bathroom, toilet (hot water for 24 hours), bed, quilt, pillow, dresser, nightstand, desk, fridge, air conditioning and wireless internet.

Dormitory for boys

Our boys' dormitory has a capacity of 148 people and rooms for 2-3-4 people are available. The rooms have a bathroom, toilet (hot water for 24 hours), bed, quilt, pillow, dresser, desk, and wireless internet.

Existing Shared Areas and Practices in Dormitories

There are separate lounges, study rooms, drawing desks for architects, internet halls, rest rooms, laundry and ironing rooms (laundry and drying machines are free to use), a cafeteria (separate in the Boys Dormitory), an open kitchen and hot and cold water dispensers on each floor.

Our dormitories are meticulously cleaned by the cleaning staff on a daily basis. All the dormitories have security cameras that operate for 24 hours. ID cards must be scanned on turnstiles to enter and exit. Weekday check-in time is 24.00 and weekend check-in time is 01.00.

Students may receive services from doctors and psychologists who are in the Department of Health, Culture and Sports at our university free of charge.

6. Are health-care services provided at the university?

Istanbul Kültür University has three infirmaries in which one nurse is employed. In these units, immediate medical response, medication support for several complaints, dressing and tension measuring are provided. At the Ataköy campus, an institutional physician works full-time. Students with any health problem may receive support from infirmaries, may be examined by the doctor, and may benefit from discounts at contracted private hospitals if the doctor refers them to a hospital. The doctor may treat and monitor the patient for a while in the observation room if he/she finds it necessary. In addition, students may get the laboratory tests requested by outside hospitals or the institutional physician from the contracted laboratory at the Ataköy campus.

7. How can I get health insurance?

Foreign students must have valid health insurance to receive a residence permit. For students who are younger than 25, the annual health insurance contract changes between 292 TRY and 450 TRY. A price quote is received from the company for students older than 25. The International Student Office provides students with assistance in applying and taking out health insurance.

Students must renew their health insurance every year and inform the Immigration Authority so that their residence permits are not canceled.

8. Do you offer double major and minor opportunities, and what are the application requirements?

If you are interested in a department other than your own major during your study at university, you may benefit from the double major program. For example, if you wish to work in the human resources field after graduation and think that you need to receive psychology education in order to do so, you may study and graduate from Business Administration and Psychology at the same time with the double major program. Two diplomas from different majors are given to the graduates of double major programs. There are a number of success criteria for you to apply for a double major program and graduate from the program. The Minor is an important program that you can apply to if you wish to improve your skills by taking a few courses from another department you are interested in. The graduates of minor program are awarded certificates for their second major. Students who are eligible to graduate from the first diploma program at Istanbul Kültür University but are unable to complete the second diploma program will be given a maximum of two additional semesters by the board decision of the faculty/academy of the second major diploma program. The tuition fee for the double major program, including additional time, is determined by the Board of Overseers. The Board of Overseers has decided that no fees will be charged for the additional two semesters for Double Major and Minor programs. Students who are unable to complete the second major program at the end of the additional period are subject to the tuition conditions of the first major.

The minimum GPA requirement is 2.72 for applying to double majors and 2.50 for applying to minor programs.

9. Do you offer an opportunity to study abroad or do an internship through an exchange program after enrolling in your university?

You will have the opportunity to study abroad, do an internship and study with the leading instructors from abroad within the scope of 210 Erasmus agreements with 113 universities in 24 European countries.

The European countries with Erasmus bilateral agreements include Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Croatia, Netherlands, France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, and Greece.
Please click to see all our Erasmus bilateral agreements

Tüm Erasmus ikili anlaşmalarımıza ulaşmak için tıklayınız


We offer students the opportunity to study abroad for one or two semesters through exchange programs with our bilateral agreements with universities in different countries located in 5 continents, including America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Our International Agreements

10. Does your university have sports facilities?

Sports activities at Istanbul Kültür University are carried out by the Sports Club established under the Student Clubs Association. The aim of the Sports Club is to bring together students, academic and administrative staff on the common ground of sports and to represent Istanbul Kültür University in inter-university sports organizations as well as to promote Istanbul Kültür University’s spirit.

The university administration continuously supports sports activities, team building, participating in and creating organizations and has a promotive role in the organization of such activities.

Sports activities at Istanbul Kültür University are conducted as three different programs by expert trainers under the supervision of Sports Manager Namık Kemal KÖSE.

University Teams' Activities
Independent Activities

Sports branches at Istanbul Kültür University:

  • Athletics
  • Basketball
  • Billiards
  • Football
  • Beach soccer
  • Camping and Hiking
  • Karate
  • Rugby
  • Chess
  • Underwater
  • Tae kwon-do
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Paragliding
  • Swimming

11. Can you give information about social activities?

Students carry out their professional, scientific, social, artistic, cultural and sports activities as extracurricular events through Student Clubs in association with Istanbul Kültür University’s Student Clubs Association Directive.

The clubs are organizations in which students develop skills to take part in a team, socialize, enhance their sense of responsibility and mission, and engage in activities that contribute to their professional and personal development. Therefore, it is very important for students to attend at least one club during university and participate in the activities.

All clubs are open to all IKU students regardless of the department/program. Students may join whichever club they please based on their interests and abilities.

12. Do you help graduates find jobs?

The Student Life, Career and Alumni Counseling Department and Alumni Association provide counseling services to our students and graduates.

13. Can you give information about your university's recognition?

Our university is one of the few universities eligible to receive the ECTS Label by the European Commission. Moreover, our university has national and international accreditations like MÜDEK (Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs), FEDEK (Science, Literature, Faculty of Science and Letters, Faculty of Languages, History and Geography Curriculum Programs Assessment and Accreditation Association) MİAK (Architectural Accrediting Board). Our Engineering Faculty is accredited by the European Accreditation Network for Engineering Education as a European Accredited Engineering Bachelor Program (EUR-ACE).

The Pakistani Engineering Council (PEC) also recognizes our Engineering Programs and ensures that Pakistani students who graduate from our University can easily find jobs in Pakistan's state institutions.

1. How can I complete the registration procedures and receive my student ID card?

  • Student registrations are made by the Registrar's Office.
  • The registration process cannot be completed unless the required documents are provided.
  • In not provided, registrations will be canceled even if the student is registered.
  • The documents required for registration are as follows:

* An original High School Diploma (an interim graduation certificate for newly graduated students whose diplomas have not been prepared by the registration date), an English or Turkish translation obtained from a certified translation bureau if the high school diploma is not in English

* An "Equivalence Certificate", which shows the equivalency of the diploma to those received from Turkish high schools, to be received from the T.R. Ministry of National Education or Turkish Embassies or Consulates in the country of residence

* A transcript certified by the high school administration showing the grades and courses the candidate has taken in high school and an English or Turkish translation obtained from a certified translation bureau if the official document is not English

* An original exam results document or a copy approved by a notary public in the country of residence or by Turkish Foreign Representatives (if applicable)

* An English or Turkish translation of pages showing the passport credentials and validity obtained from a certified translation bureau if the passport information is not English, 

* A "Student Visa" to be taken from Turkish Foreign Representatives (student certificate to be obtained from our university and a copy of a new residence permit for study from Foreigners Branch for foreigners living in Turkey) 

* A residence permit (must be submitted to the registrar's office within a month from the registration date) 

* Health Insurance (taken out in Turkey)

* An original Foreign Language or Turkish Proficiency document approved by the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in the country of residence (if applicable)

* A bank receipt showing that the contribution has been deposited. a

* Six passport photos.

After the registration is officially completed by the Registrar's Office, the student ID card will be prepared and given to the student within one week.

2. How can I make my payment plan?

In order to complete the registration process, student must pay at least 1/5 of the total annual fee. The remaining fee may be divided into installments by the Financial Affairs Department until the following 15th of January. Alternatively, those who have a valid credit card in Turkey can benefit from up to 9 installments.

Students who re-register can create payment plans on the SAP-Orion system with their username and password.

3. How can I pay my installments?

You can make your payments from İşbank’s branch at Istanbul Kültür University’s main campus or any other branch (to the relevant account of Istanbul Kültür University), and you can check with the Department of Financial Affairs with the receipt given to you. Alternatively, you can transfer money to the relevant account via bank transfer in Turkey or via international bank transfer with your name and passport number/student number.

4. How can I select courses and what are important points to take into consideration?

  • Students must complete their final registration.
  • Student must go to the IT department with their ID numbers and get a username and password.
  • They must select their courses online through the Sap Orion system using this username and password.
  • Finally, they must go to their advisors and get their courses approved.

5. How can I complete the re-registration process?

The re-registration process can be completed by clicking on the re-registration button on the SAP-Orion system. Then, you need to select courses.

Students who studying in the English or Turkish prep program should also remember to re-register at the beginning of the semester.

6. Can I get information about add, drop, and withdrawal?

If necessary, students may drop certain courses that they have registered in within the semester with the approval of their advisors, replace them with new ones, or they can only withdraw from one course to take it in a later semester.

Conditions for add, drop, and withdrawal may be found in the IKU Associate and Undergraduate Education Regulations and the relevant dates may be found in the academic calendar.

7. What is the condition for entering makeup exams?

Students who fail a course or who pass a course conditionally can take the make-up exam at the end of the semester. The highest grade achieved at the end of the semester is the final grade.

8. Can I get information about registration freeze and disenrollment?

Registration Freeze:

There are preset time intervals to freeze registration. Registration freeze operations may not be carried out at other time period. You may find these dates from our university's Academic calendar.

 Steps to be taken for disenrollment;

  • Take the disenrollment form from the registrar's office and fill it out
  • Collect the signatures from the necessary places stated on the form
  • Write a petition to financial affairs
  • Turn in student card

The disenrollment process takes 15 days; therefore, our students cannot leave the school and take their original documents with them earlier than 15 days.

In both registration freeze and disenrollment, the student's residence permit is canceled.

Only the students themselves or the people given power of attorney can perform registration freeze and disenrollment procedures.

9. How can I get power of attorney?

You can get power of attorney from the notary public or from the Turkish Consulate of your country of residence. The power of attorney must be addressed to Istanbul Kültür University’s Registrar’s Office and should include detailed credentials of the people who give and receive power of attorney. In addition, the purpose of preparing the power of attorney must be specified. For example, if the purpose is disenrollment, it must be stated that the purpose is to allow the relevant individual to carry out disenrollment procedures and receive the documents on behalf of the relevant student.

10. How can I open a bank account?

You can open a bank account by going to the bank with your residence permit and passport.

13. How can I apply for a residence permit?

Newly admitted foreign undergraduate and graduate students must receive a student visa from the nearest Turkish embassy in their country of residence by submitting their admission letters. These visas are usually valid for one month after arriving in Turkey, and students must register in the university within this month. A residence appointment is made for students from the International Student Office.

Residence Permit Application
  • Some countries have a visa exemption. For detailed information...
  • Students should not miss the date and time of their residence appointment; otherwise, they will have to make another appointment and this appointment may be available only months later.
  • If the country is exited without a residence permit, the student must return back with a new "student visa".
  • If the student is dismissed from school, freezes registration, is granted a leave of absence, or is arrested or convicted, the residence permit for study purposes is canceled.


The documents required for residence are as follows;

  • A passport (original and photocopy)
  • 4 photos
  • A printout of a Residence Appointment 
  • A Student Certificate (taken from the Registrar's Office)
  • Health Insurance

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