Erasmus+ (Outgoing)

Can I benefit from the Erasmus+ Program in my first year at university?

Students in their freshman year of associate and undergraduate programs and graduated students cannot benefit from the student mobility activity. However, students may apply for the Erasmus exam after receiving their transcript at the end of the first semester of the year in which they started university. In this case, the earliest period for which they can benefit from the student mobility is the first semester of the second year. Senior students may benefit from Erasmus+ Internship Mobility after graduating, provided that they apply before graduating.


2. Which universities can I go to?

Every department has agreements with different universities. The universities with which the department has an agreement can be seen on the web page. When choosing a partner university, applicants must take into consideration medium of instruction and course compatibility.


3. I have failed courses from the previous semester although my GPA is above 2.20. Can I participate in the program?

Yes. Failed courses from the previous semester do not prevent you from participating in the Erasmus+ Program. The criteria for academic success is a GPA of at least 2.20. 


4. In which format and when will the Erasmus Foreign Language Exams be held?

The Erasmus Foreign Language Exams are conducted by the Foreign Language Department of our university. They consists of reading, listening, writing and speaking sections. For sample questions, please visit the website of the Foreign Language Department. Exams are held after the final application deadline; the exact dates are announced by the Erasmus Office and Foreign Language Department.


5. Will IKU find the place where I will go to for an internship as part of Erasmus+?

It is the responsibility of the student to find an internship. You may review the internship proposals and databases on the website. You can also consult your department advisors.


6. When do I need to find an internship place as part of Erasmus+?

The place of internship must be found, and the acceptance letter must be delivered until the specified deadline. This is a date after the final application deadline.


7. How will I get my passport and visa?

Passport and visa procedures are the responsibility of students since they vary from person to person and country to country. In order to avoid paying a fee when getting your passport, you need to obtain a student certificate from the Registrar's Office. One of the visa documents is a visa/grant letter to be written by us and given if requested. The relevant document will indicate your period of study abroad and the grant amount you will receive.

8. Why do I pay visa fees at the consulate even though I obtained a letter from the university for a visa?

Getting a visa letter from the university is for you to receive a visa more easily. It is entirely the initiative of certain Consulates or Embassies to request a visa fee. This is because these institutions are independent within the countries they are located in, and such practices are entirely up to the countries they are affiliated with.

9. Is health insurance compulsory? How do I get it?

According to the rules of the National Agency, all students must take out health insurance before mobility. Students who participate in Student Mobility must get health insurance; students who participate in internship mobility must get health insurance along with accident and liability insurance. Students with General Health Insurance (SSI) can complete insurance procedures with a document they will receive from the SSI if they are studying in agreement countries. Information on the agreement countries and the required documents should be obtained from the SSI. - Students who need to take out private health insurance must take out Educational Purpose (Student) Travel Health insurance.


10. I will continue my education abroad with the Erasmus+ Program; to which university will I pay tuition?

Tuition fees are paid to the student's own university during the Erasmus+ program period.


11.Will I register and select courses at Istanbul Kültür University before I go abroad?

After you are approved to be an Erasmus student within the Erasmus+ program, you will have to register at Istanbul Kültür University before you go abroad; however, you will not be selecting courses. Students who will study during the Fall + Spring semester are required to re-register before the beginning of the spring semester.


12. How will I find accommodation at universities at which I will study?

While you are studying abroad, your place of residence is generally provided by the university abroad. The university guides students on this subject. (The accommodation form is sent.) However, in some countries and universities, students are to arrange their own accommodation.

13. Will I be picked up at the airport in the destination country?

It is at the initiative of destination countries to pick up students at airports, bus terminals or train stations. There is no binding provision in this regard.

14. What will be the medium of instruction of the courses I will take at the university I will go to?

The medium of instruction at universities in which students study abroad is expressed in the agreement texts in the agreements section of our website. During the Erasmus application period, our students are advised to make their choice by reviewing these agreements and consulting department coordinators and to research the places they want to go to.

15. What is the criteria to receive my grant?

Grants are calculated according to the dates on the academic calendar of partner universities and are specified on the grant contract. These dates vary from university to university and are taken as a basis for the first advance payment (80%). The remaining payment (20%) is based on the success rate of the student during the education period, according to the dates on the Confirmation of Participation and on the condition that all required documents are completed. There may be an increase or decrease in this 20% payment if the dates on the confirmation of participation are different from the anticipated mobility dates.

16. When will the grants be paid?

The first part of the grant is sent to students' Euro (€) account after the Turkish National Agency transfers grants to our university's Erasmus budget account and after students complete their paperwork and sign the grant agreement. The remaining payment is deposited upon completion of the necessary documents after students return, depending on the condition of academic achievement. 

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