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Islam Hisham Ismael Sleem Aboulela - Estonia

My time in IKÜ has, so far, been outstanding thanks to the International relations Office. Since we've arrived here, we've been provided tremendous assistance on how to settle in, what was needed, how to move around, and many events and activities that made our little group of Erasmus students a small family. Istanbul is a challenging city with cultural differences than what I've been used to. Addition, the biggest problem, the language barrier, created a tough atmosphere since I've arrived, however, thanks to both IRO and the International Club, the feeling of isolation has been replaced with that of warmth. They made us, friends, even more, a family. The small group of incoming students became close, and no doubt  the thanks goes to them for quickly opening up to us, rapidly bond with each other and certainly memories to take home. Many thanks goes to them, you guys rock!

Laura Michalak –Germany

I’m glad that I spent my Erasmus time at IKU! Everyone welcomed me warmly and helped me whenever I had a problem. And it was so much more...I not only had a wonderful time with a lot of great people, I also met my soulmate and discovered a new culture in an amazing city!

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Yousra Boulabiar –Germany

Erasmus at IKU brought me a lot of super beautiful moments. I had the possibility to learn a new culture, meet new international friends and enjoy a time in my life, which I will not forget.

Berk Kanpalta- Sarajevo

I had such a blast getting to know so many other people from all different nationalities and I grew so much in confidence as the year progressed.

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Michael Kotlar -Czech republic 

A fascinating and culturally unique country - checked, historical and at the same time modern, architecturally important city - checked, quality University a friendly staff - checked, great Erasmus club - double checked. Finally, an advice: Drop any prejudice and throw your head into action; every day it's worth it.

Juan Camilo Valbuena Galindo -Colombia

The Erasmus experience was really nice. There were people from all over the world. The activities made by the group were really good for knowing each other, I am really glad of choosing Estambul as my Erasmus city

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