Çimlerde oturan öğrenci

1. Initial Registration

  • Student registrations are carried out at the Registrar's Office.
  • The registration process cannot be completed unless the required documents are provided.
  • In this case, registrations will be canceled even if the student is registered.

The documents required for registration are as follows;

  • An original High School Diploma (interim graduation certificate for newly graduated students whose diplomas have not been prepared by the registration date), an English or Turkish translation obtained from a certified translation bureau if the high school diploma is not in English
  • An "Equivalence Certificate", which shows the equivalency of the diploma to those received from Turkish high schools, to be obtained from the T.R. Ministry of National Education or Turkish Embassies or Consulates in the country of residence
  • A transcript certified by high school administration showing the grades and courses the candidate has taken in high school and an English or Turkish translation obtained from a certified translation bureau if the official document is not in English
  • Original exam results certificate or a copy approved by a notary public in the country of residence or by Turkish Foreign Representatives (if applicable)
  • An English or Turkish translation of pages showing passport credentials and validity obtained from a certified translation bureau if the passport information is not in English
  • A "Student Visa" to be taken from Turkish Foreign Representatives (student certificate to be obtained from our university and a copy of a new residence permit for study from the Foreigners Branch for foreigners living in Turkey)
  • A residence permit (must be submitted to the registrar's office within a month from the registration date)
  • Health Insurance (taken out in Turkey)
  • An internationally recognized original Foreign Language or Turkish Proficiency document approved by the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in the country of residence (if applicable)
  • A bank receipt showing that the contribution has been deposited.
  • Six passport photos

2.Residence Permit
Newly admitted undergraduate and graduate foreign students can receive a student visa with their admission letter from the nearest Turkish embassy in their country of residence.* These visas are usually valid for a month and must be submitted to the registrar's office within a month from the registration date. A residence appointment is made for students from our International Student Office.
Some countries have visa exemptions. 

**Students should not miss the date and time of their residence appointment; otherwise, they will have to make another appointment and this appointment may only be available months later. 
**If the country is exited without a residence permit, the student must return with a new student visa.
*If the student is dismissed from school, freezes registration, is granted a leave of absence, or is arrested or convicted, the residence permit for study purposes is canceled.

The documents required for residence are as follows:

  • A passport (original and photocopy)
  • 4 photos
  • A printout of a Residence Appointment 
  • A Student Certificate (obtained from the Registrar's Office)
  • Health Insurance

For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions section.

3.Health Insurance

Foreign students must have valid health insurance in order to receive a residence permit. For students who are younger than 25, the annual health insurance contract changes between 292 TRY and 450 TRY. An insurance quote is received from the company for students older than 25. The International Relations Office helps students with health insurance.


1/5 of the tuition fee is requested from students during the preregistration phase. The second installment of the fee is paid during final registration, and a payment plan is issued. Students may divide the remaining fee into at most 4 installments. The last payment date is January 15th. Those who have a valid credit card in Turkey may benefit from a 9-installment opportunity.

**Students pay daily interest when they fail to make payments on time. In addition, students who have debt will not be able to re-register or take exams.

Important information:

The 2018/2019 Re-registration Procedures must be completed between the dates listed on the University's academic calendar.
After this date, students may only register late with an excuse and the decision of the Faculty Administrative Committee. In this case, a 1% default interest is charged on the late payment. Late registrations are accepted until the "Late Registration Date" announced by the University administration. In order to carry out education and training activities without interruption, those who do not pay tuition fee will not be allowed to enroll and re-register. Students in this situation will be subject to the "Regulations on Associate and Undergraduate Education" in the case that they do not re-register in the following spring semester.

Payment Basis:

A 5% down payment discount will be offered to students who pay the entire 2018/2019 Period Contributions until the last day of the re-registration date stated in the academic calendar of our university. In the case that the student installments are not paid on time because the bank does not assign an account due to a lack of credit capacity, a monthly 1% late interest will be applied.
Students who have not opened an account in the bank for any reason during the previous academic year and who wish to make their contribution payment in the 2018/2019 term with installments should apply to the Kültür University Branch of İşbank with the individual responsible for the payments before the re-registration and submit documents requested by the bank and complete the account opening procedures. Bank transactions must be made at least 3 days before registration. Students who have an account at the Kültür University Branch of İşbank but cannot open an overdraft account because the bank refuses to open it due to a lack of credit capacity and who have debt from the previous period must open a new account at the bank. These students must apply to the Kültür University Branch of İşbank with the individual responsible for the payments before the re-registration and submit the documents requested by the bank to complete the account opening procedures at least 3 days before registration. These students are required to complete their re-registration within the re-registration period after the account opening process is completed.

During re-registration, those who have unpaid tuition debt from the previous term must cover their outstanding debts, even if these debts are subject to legal proceedings. Students may re-register on the condition that tuitions are paid.

PAYMENT METHODS: You must first create your payment plan via the SAP Orion Program and then pay in cash or installments. Payment with Credit Card via the SAP-Orion Program: You may make payments with the credit cards stated below in advance or in installments after creating your payment plan on the Orion program according to the instructions in Articles 1 and 3.

  • Advance Payment by Credit Card (Single Transaction): You may make your payment created on the Orion program with all credit cards. (The credit available on your credit card must cover the entire annual tuition fee.)
  • Paying in Installments with Credit Card: Payments may be divided into 12 installments or you may pay 1/12 of the total amount with the credit cards listed below. (In the case of payment of total amount, the credit card limit must cover the entire annual tuition fee.) Bonus cards of İşbank and Ziraat Maksimum-TEB, Garanti, Deniz, Şeker, ING, Türkiye Finans; Yapı Kredi World, Vakıf Bank World, Akbank Axess or Wings, HSBC Advantage, Finansbank Cardfinans-Halkbank Paraf. Installments from credit cards other than these are not acceptable. Cash payment on the SAP-Orion Program: After you have created a payment plan through Orion, you may go to the nearest İşbank branch and make your payment by giving the following payment information to the branch official.
  • Payment Information: -Istanbul Kültür University Institution Code: 58, -Student Number, -Type of payment: EGTPESIN (for school payment) -Term: 2016 / Relevant Month (the month you make the payment)
  • Payment via ATM and Internet Branch: You may make payments from the internet branch of İşbank or ATMs of the same bank after creating your payment on the Orion Program either in advance or in installments.

5.    Scholarships

Need-Based Scholarships: These scholarships are financial scholarships provided to students who are in need of economic support to continue their education in accordance with the criteria determined by Istanbul Kültür University’s Scholarship Evaluation Board.

Merit-Based Scholarships:
These are the scholarships awarded to students who are enrolled in associate degree and undergraduate programs at Istanbul Kültür University; students earn these scholarships based on achievements, determined in line with certain criteria, at the end of the year.

Sports Achievement Discount:
When students join a sports team at our university, they will receive a 10% discount on tuition. This discount covers the academic year in which the student has taken part in a school team. The Department of Health, Culture and Sports recommends this discount to be offered.

6.Istanbul Transportation Card 
Students can apply for a discounted travel pass by visiting the nearest IETT branch after applying online:

Transportation Card Application

Required Documents:

  • A Student Certificate to be obtained from the Registrar's Office three days prior to the appointment
  • An original and copy of TR identity card or passport
  • A current Student Visa or residence permit
  • A photo
  • A 10 TRY application fee

Students who do not have a residence permit cannot obtain a student travel pass.

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