Mentor & Tandem Programme

Gülümseyen mentör öğrenci ve yabancı uyruklu öğrenciMentor Program

IKU offers the Mentor programme, which pairs newly arrived International / Erasmus Students with volunteer IKU Students who provide assisstance that can make life easier for the new arrivals. IKU Buddies can also offer linguistic support, cultural guidance and information about daily life at IKU and Istanbul. 

In addition to these, the Buddies can organize and participate in activities / events / parties that can facilitate intercultural dialogue, at least once a month.

 An IKU Student can become a “Mentor” if she/he;

  • -is interested in offering friendship and guidance to a newly arrived International/ Erasmus Student as s/he adjusts to life at Istanbul;
  • -wants to meet other students from all around the world and develop a global perspective;
  • -has the ability or determination to speak a foreign language;
  • -is willing to maintain weekly contact (email, phone) with his/her appointed International / Erasmus Mentor.
  • Participation in the Mentor Program lead to mutually rewarding exchanges of cultural ideas and lasting friendships.
  • Participants of the Mentor Program are expected to prepare a short report at the end of the program.

The following academic staff have been assigned as Department Mentors in order to increase the level of success of international students and to conduct plans to improve their social integration and adaptation. 

Please click to see the list of the departmental mentors.


Sohbet eden 2 öğrenciTandem Programme

Tandem is a voluntary language partnership programme which is applied in several of our partner universities. 

This programme not only provides International / Erasmus students with an opportunity to learn the language and get familiar with the culture of the host students’ country but also it enables IKU Students to improve their foreign language skills and learn about their partners’ culture. In this context, the partners are expected to meet and communicate at least once a week. It is enough for both the IKU and International / Erasmus Students to have a basic knowledge of the language they want to improve.  
Participants of the Tandem Programme are expected to prepare a short report at the end of the programme.